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Bembridge Angling Competition
Fun to catch & a pleasure to eat.
Cod fishing and juniors in - Bembridge Harbour
Where and how to fish off Bembridge
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Fishing off Bembridge - the questions asked...

Fishing -
The rocky and shingley shore between Whitecliff and Bembridge can be good ground for bass and conger and bass, mullet and eels can be found among the rocks. A sand gully near the Crab and Lobster' can be fished from the rocks and is home to species including bass, pout, conger, ling, bream, dogfish, turbot, brill, pollock, skate and ray. Plaice and flounder may be caught on the banks of the inlet to Bembridge Harbour over the fine flat sand - watch out for the strong tide around the narrow entrance. On the opposite bank is St Helens with a sea wall, cafe, toilets and parking. From here towards Priory Bay the ground turns rocky and can produce wrasse and bass. Large mullet can be seen amongst the rocks on the flood tide. Fishing off the wall at St.Helens Duver or into the harbour from Bembridge, is generally best at high tide when flounder and silver eels may be caught.

Bait -
A baited spoon or wander tackle for flounder and plaice;
a nylon paternoster or running leger rig for the eels with size 2 to 1/0 Aberdeen hooks;
One of the best baits is ragworm for flounders
and ragworm or crab for the eels.

On either side of the harbour the two rocky areas, one to the north of St. Helens and the other eastwards towards the lifeboat station, which can produce wrasse mullet and bass, some large. Heavier tackle is recommended for these marks, Use Viking or similar hooks size 2/0 to 4/0 baited with crab or ragworm for wrasse and 4/0 or 6/0 with a large crab or fish bait for bass, a nd light float tackle with maggot or bread for the mullet.

The Bembridge Angling Club holds a number of competitions annually, both from boats and the local shore

There are various Charter Boats for Fishing trips including the 'Robert mark' which operates throughout the year